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Special Alloy Steel Socket Weld Flanges

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Fitwel is a reputed name in the metal marketing for manufacturing, supplying & exporting as Copper Nickel Socket Weld Flange, Inconel Socket Weld Flange, Monel Socket Weld Flange, Alloy 20 Socket Weld Flange, Nickel Socket Weld Flange, Nickel Alloy Socket Weld Flange, Duplex Socket Weld Flange, Super Duplex Socket Weld Flange, Incoloy Socket Weld Flange & SMO 254 Socket Weld Flange in large quantity to every corner of the World. Monel Sockel Weld Flange in all standard in which the common world standards include ASA/ ANSI/ ASME (USA), BS10 (British/ Australian), PN/ DIN (European) and JIS/ KS (Japanese/ Korean). Many Nickel Alloy Socket Weld Flange manufacturers in India produce these Inconel Socket Weld Flange from forged materials and have machined surfaces. Compare our price from high nickel alloy Socket Weld Flange manufacturers in India or China you will find the best rate from our company.

Call@-022-23829256. Inconel 600 Screwed Flange, Inconel 625 Screwed Flange, Copper Nickel Screwed Flange, Inconel socket weld flanges, Monel 400 socket weld flanges, Monel K500 socket weld flanges, Copper Nickel socket weld flanges, monel Screwed Flanges, Cuppro nickel Screwed Flange manufacturer, exporter & suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, India.

Nickel Alloy Socket Weld Flange is a flange that is designed to attach to the pipe by a fillet weld around the hub of the flange, according to ANSI B16.5/ANSI B16.47 Series A/ANSI B16.47 Series B American Standard. Copper Nickel Socket Weld Flange can also Manufacture DIN Standard, BS Standard, JIS Standard Socket Weld Flanges as per our customer's requirements. Alloy 20 Socket Weld Flanges Manufacturer Class 150 to Class 1500 SW Flange, wall thickness SCH10 to SCH XXS, type of sealing face RF, FF & RTJ, in the Cupronickel, Copper Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy 20, High Nickel Alloy, Incoloy, 254 SMO material.

ASME B16.5 Socket Weld Flanges Specification :

Standard : ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series A & B, MSS SP44, ASA, API-605, AWWA, Custom Drawings

Size : 1/2" (15 NB) to 48" (1200NB)

Class : 150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS, DIN Standard ND-6,10, 16, 25, 40 Etc.

Flange Face Type : Flate Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

BS : BS4504 , BS4504, BS1560, BS10

DIN : DIN2527, DIN2566, DIN2573, DIN2576, DIN2641, DIN2642, DIN2655, DIN2656, DIN2627, DIN2628, DIN2629, DIN 2631, DIN2632, DIN2633, DIN2634, DIN2635, DIN2636, DIN2637, DIN2638, DIN2673

ANSI B16.47 Socket Weld Flanges Material & Grades:

Nickel Alloy Socket Weld Flanges : ASTM SB564, SB160, SB472, SB162 Nickel 200 (UNS No. N02200), Nickel 201 (UNS No. N02201), Monel 400 (UNS No. N04400), Monel 500 (UNS No. N05500), Inconel 800 (UNS No. N08800), Inconel 825 (UNS No. N08825), Inconel 600 (UNS No. N06600), Inconel 625 (UNS No. N06625), Inconel 601 (UNS No. N06601), Hastelloy C 276 (UNS No. N10276), Alloy 20 (UNS No. N08020).

Copper Alloy Steel Socket Weld Flanges : UNS No. C 10100, 10200, 10300, 10800, 12000, 12200, 70600, 71500, UNS No. C 70600 (Cu -Ni- 90/10), C 71500 (Cu -Ni- 70/30)

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We Supply Socket Weld Flanges For Various Application Industry Like :

Oil & Gas Industries

Petrochemical Industries

Engineering Industries

Chemical Industries

Sugar Industries

Power Generation Industries

Fertilizers Industries

Food Processing Industries

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